Taken near Hope, British Columbia, 2010
Taken in Bellevue, Washington, 2010
Taken near Sand Point, Idaho, 2010
Taken on Bainbridge Island, Washington, 2010
Taken outside of Mazatlan, Mexico, 2010
Taken on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, 2010
Taken in Gig Harbor, Washington, 2009
Taken in Salem, Oregon, 2009
Taken in Mazatlan, Mexico, 2010
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Stelulam Photography and Productions is a Seattle-based photography and filmmaking project owned and operated by Kirsten Zeller. Much of the work has been in film festivals, printed magazines, and won awards. 

Falling Slowly, Stelulam & Next Floor Entertainment's first feature-length film, premiered on May 31, 2014 in the Shoreline Community College theater.
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Buried State, Stelulam & Next Floor Entertainment's second feature-length film, is expected to premier in August 2015.
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